Meet Our Team

Danny Harkins
Agency Owner

I am a Chartered Financial Consultant, a professional designation that signifies a comprehensive education addressing all aspects of personal and small business financial planning. I have over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry. I was born in Twin Falls but grew up in the Salt Lake City area. I returned to Idaho in 1992. In addition to my education and experience in insurance and financial planning, I have worked as a driver and manager in the trucking industry. The most exciting aspect of my work is educating people about their insurance and helping them set and achieve financial goals. Providing “peace of mind” and sound financial protections for families is very rewarding! I also enjoy being involved in the Magic Valley community and being able to give of myself to make our community a more vibrant, happy place to live.

Personally, I really enjoy time with my family and our pets. I love reading and self-improvement. I especially enjoy working with and mentoring young people and others to help them achieve their goals and dreams! Away from the office, you will most often find me outdoors; working in my yard, Bar-B-Queuing with family and friends or enjoying nature’s bounty. I also enjoy the quality time of solitude for reflection and meditation, so I can recharge and be the best that I can be! My guilty pleasures are cooking and culinary arts and reading political/spy thriller novels. I also am a history buff and especially enjoy the history of our great country, with emphasis on the American Civil War. I am passionate about our next generation and am happy to be able to sponsor our Operation KidSafe, Safety Center; providing safety tips and resources for our youth. I am also a member of several civic organizations and enjoy helping to uplift my fellow man through their activities.

Olivia Ottersberg
Agency Manager

My experience in the insurance industry started when I was hired to oversee an insurance program at a local flooring store. This program consisted of me going out to the customers home when they had a loss, taking pictures, gathering samples, and sketching the room’s dimensions. I would then use this information to build the estimate for replacement floor. What I found was that most people either didn’t have sufficient coverage or they don’t understand what they are paying for. I have been an LSP with Harkins & Company for just shy of a year and now I am able to help my customers find the right coverage that protects their assets. Twin Falls Idaho is where I grew up and also where I have chosen to raise my own family. The thing that most excites me is I feel that I am not only enriching my customer’s lives I am also able to inform them of what they are paying for and why being properly protected is so important.

In my free time, I enjoy getting out into nature whether it’s hiking, fishing, cycling, or kayaking I love to spend time outdoors. My favorite way to spend my weekend is in my garden. I absolutely love to do any sort of crafts, sewing, painting, cooking, even sculpture. I am passionate about helping with an organization that improves the lives of children. It can be collecting food or simply providing safety tips to keep kids protected, children are our future. The greatest thing that we can invest our time and energy in is the well being of our youth.

Monica Mcardle
Licensed Sales Professional

I started my career in the insurance industry early on, 21 to be exact! I Started as a Life insurance specialist. Now having over 5 years of experience and vast knowledge of multiple types of insurance. I grew up in Southern California and happy to call TwinFalls home now. A few things many might not know about me is I was a cheerleader in high school I also had a brief career as a model. Wow, there are so many aspects of my job that I truly love! What excites me most about my work, being of service, not only to our clients but also our community. I Really Enjoy Being healthy and Active. I’m Non Stop fitness! When I’m not at work you can find me out in nature! I’m told I’m a really Good Cook! I’m Passionate about child protection and Safety.