Earthquake Insurance

Earthquakes are common in some parts of the country. Most notably, California and its immediate surrounding areas are at risk. Earthquake damage isn’t covered by traditional insurance policies. For protection, you must purchase a policy that is specifically for earthquake damage.

You Might Need a Policy

Any home or business in an earthquake zone should get a policy. It’s the only way an insurer will provide assistance to you following an earthquake.

What the Policy Includes

The main thing is that the building damaged by the earthquake is covered. Damages could require minor or major repairs. Either way, you can file a claim with your insurer for assistance. You’ll also receive help if your home is totally destroyed, and beyond repair.

How It Works

Choose how much earthquake insurance coverage you want. It’s probably best to get as much coverage as you can afford. Your insurer will check to see if your property is located in an earthquake zone. You might see higher insurance premiums if your property is in a high-risk area. You also might want to add coverage for additional situations. For example, a high-value rider adds additional protection for valuable items. Your insurer can tell you about additional coverage options.