Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance Explained

Motorcycle insurance covers all types of motorcycles. It’s likely that your state requires you to have basic coverage for your motorcycle. You need at least liability coverage to pay for damage that you cause to others. It doesn’t cover your expenses, but at least the other people involved won’t have a need to sue you for their damages.

Liability coverage is something you should have if you have nothing else. But motorcycle policies can also provide collision coverage. This pays for your expenses if your motorcycle is damaged in an accident. There is a deductible involved. For instance, you may have a $300 deductible. This is the amount you pay before your insurer pays the rest. You can also purchase comprehensive coverage to deal with issues concerning theft, vandalism, and fire.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage is important as well. It’s not required, but it helps cover costs to repair your motorcycle if another driver does not have sufficient insurance. It also helps when the other driver is completely uninsured. You can also inquire about coverage for roadside assistance. With this type of coverage, you receive help for roadside emergencies. This comes in handy should you ever need towing services for your motorcycle.