Recreational Vehicle Insurance

What is Recreational Vehicle Insurance?

A recreational vehicle is one that’s used for fun. It’s not something you drive daily to and from work. But because the vehicle is for fun, the thought of an accident or other mishap might not cross your mind. If you buy a recreational vehicle insurance policy, then you’ll have help dealing with financial loss you might incur. You could experience theft or vandalism while on the road. You could even face a liability issue should someone be hurt because of your RV. The financial losses can be staggering if you don’t have insurance.

Before buying coverage, learn if your vehicle lender has any insurance requirements. You should also see if your state has insurance requirements. These requirements will serve as a guide for the type of coverage you need. You can always get more, but you want to at least meet the minimum requirements.

A typical RV policy includes components for repairs and replacements, personal injury and liability. You can also ask your insurer about coverage for roadside assistance or towing services. Also, be mindful of your policy limits. When expenses exceed those limits, you are responsible for the remaining expenses. Try to choose good coverage, but find a premium and deductible that you’ll be able to pay.