Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance Covers Your Needs

Your homeowners insurance covers your home, but it also offers personal liability for when someone is hurt in your home. Although it provides some support, a homeowners policy has coverage limits. That means it could fall short if you’re sued for an amount that exceeds its limits. You can also say the same for car insurance. Umbrella insurance makes it possible to protect yourself from financial ruin should your home or auto insurance policies fall short.

What It Is

Umbrella insurance is a policy that helps protect you against large liability claims. What it does is extend coverage beyond the limits of your existing policies.

Who Uses It

Anyone with policies for homeowners or car insurance can use umbrella insurance. It’s primarily intended for people who have valuable assets to lose in a lawsuit.

How it Works

An umbrella policy is similar to a supplemental liability policy. You can only use it after your other insurance has reached its limits. You can possibly also use it if another claim is rejected, but it depends on the situation.


An umbrella policy covers injuries, property damage and personal liability. It helps pay for expenses related to lawsuits, libel issues and other situations specified by your particular policy.


Umbrella insurance is beneficial because it provides additional liability insurance coverage. You don’t have to worry about losing all of your assets should you face a liability lawsuit.